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Say Hello To The FREE Canadian Phone Line Revolution

Yes, you heard me right, a FREE Phone line for your very own personal use!

You’ll Enjoy:

Provided by: by Fongo Inc.


So what’s the catch you ask? Simply put, there isn’t any real catch. But there are some minor limitations.

Fongo Inc. provides this FREE phone service using a solution called Voice Over IP, or in short, VoIP. To use the service, you’re required to have a high speed internet connection and install software on your computer to make phone calls with. This is commonly known as a “Soft Phone” due to the use of Software installed on a computer to make the calls with vs. the use of a physical phone.

Now some of you reading this will see this as an inconvenience / limitation.  If that’s the case, Fongo Inc. thought of a few solution that will easily address this minor inconvenience when you consider the overall minimum savings of $384* per year!

For a minimal one time fee of $50.00 plus tax, you’ll be provided with a VoIP Unlock Key (by Fongo Inc.) that you may use to setup your own VoIP Adapter and  hook it up to a physical phone.  This VoIP Unlock Key provides the VoIP adapter with the configuration information to make it work with the Fongo Inc Service.


But wait a second, “What’s this VoIP Adapter you’re talking about Shai?” – Great Question!

The VoIP Adapter is a device that converts voice phone calls into data and transmits it over a network connection, such as your high speed internet service. You’ll have to purchase such an adapter and when you do, please make sure to double check that it’s “Unlocked”.  Doing so will allow you to use it with any VoIP service you choose.

You can buy** such adapters at any of the following resellers:

VoIP adapters cost anywhere from $50 to $400 and for most people looking to use them at home, you need not spend more then $50 to $100 on them.

Once purchased, you’ll be able to use the VoIP Unlock Key provided by Fongo Inc. to setup*** your adapter.  To test your setup, plugin your home phone into the adapter and give it a try.  You should now be able to start making phone calls to the majority of Canadian cities.  (For a complete list of cities, Click Here)


Your overall investment will be between $100 to as much as $250 for the first year, after which this cost will pay for itself!  Don’t forget, the average BASIC phone line in Canada costs approx. $384 (tax not included) per year, or approx. $32 per month, not including long distance charges!

It’s also important to be aware that Fongo Inc. states that the service it provides under the “” brand is intended for “residential” and “personal” use. While I personally don’t recommend using the service for anything else except for residential / personal use, I have heard of charities, students, small business and even consultants using this service to reduce overall costs with.

Lastly, please make sure to read very carefully Fongo Inc. &’s Police, Fire, Emergency 911 Service Information Page so you fully understand what type of capabilities they have and what they can offer in case of emergency.  Also please remember that during power outages or when your internet service is down, you will not be able to make or receive phone calls through the phone service.  To get around this limitation, you can use their follow me service, to have all incoming phone calls routed to a cell phone or a different number.

That said, enjoy the savings, use responsibly and I’d love to hear your feedback on this post!


* When compared to a basic phone line from a local Canadian Phone Service Provider
** As always please make sure to do your research on which device you should buy, prior to purchase. We are not responsible for your purchase decisions of any product or service.
*** Check with each VoIP Adapter Manufacturer for instructions on how to setup the adapter.

  • Eggplante!

    Be aware that “phone companies” like this have been sued majorly because they do not charge an Emergency Fee, which is required by law. Also, if your internet connection dies, you are not only without phone service, but without emergency access to 911, etc. which is also against the law.

    • Shai Laserson

      Hey Chris, Great Points Sir! I Actually should have addressed that in the post considering how important that is. So that said, I’ll add it in right now! Thanks again, your feedback is ALWAYS welcomed my friend!

  • Eggplante!

    Not to be down on this post, because the service is good, save for that (relatively major) gripe.

    • Shai Laserson

      NOT AT ALL! Your feedback is greatly appreciated and good for everyone to know!

      • Eggplante!

        Anytime! Supporting each other is what we do! Great article :)

        • Shai Laserson

          Thank you sir, especially coming from someone with such a great blog and so much experience! Everyone needs to check your blog out –

    • Shai Laserson

      Just updated with the information you mentioned below! Thanks again!